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Founding Titans is a community-focused networking platform. Find Startups, Mentors, Investors, Partnerships, Accelerators, and more all in one place. We help startups find what they need to succeed.

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Access a platform that isn't transactional. Get access to the answers, individuals, and entities that can help you grow. Help us as we Build Better Leaders and Strengthen the Startup Ecosystem.

Establish and nurture meaningful connections with like-minded individuals and entities. Share knowledge, insights, and experiences with a community that cares.

Meet our legendary team.

Gabriel Rucker - CEO, Founder
Gabriel Rucker

7+ years as a startup consultant

2+ years with robitics and AI startup

Interviewed 300+ founders, investors & mentors

CEO, Founder

Ross Libby - CTO, Co-founder
Ross Libby

7+ Years as Technical Lead With Startups

Previous Founder of E-Commerce Startup

CTO, Co-founder

Community First Platform

We are focused on bringing people together. As technology has evolved, communication is easier than it ever has been, but finding and keeping up with these connections has become more difficult. We are focused on our users, their businesses, and, most importantly, the connections they make along the way.

Meaningful Messaging
Enjoy a stress-free inbox. We focus on reducing the amount of clutter and spam in your messages by implementing unique filters alongside our AI and ML elements.
In-person. Virtually, or a little bit of both. Create Events, issue tickets, promote, find sponsors, and more inside of our platform.
Have a curated learning pathway created for you and your teams based on industry, funding stage, completed tasks, and more to ensure that you are able to succeed. We are building better leaders through communication and education.
Relevant Data
Our profiles ensure that our users are viewing the most recent and relevant data possible. We are implementing API data with certain companies to automatically update specific sections of your personal and company profiles to keep data up to date across multiple platforms.
Centralized & Vetted Resources
We believe it takes a village to create an amazing and thriving company. From the founders to the ones they serve, it is important to establish great partnerships. We showcase partners of all shapes and sizes and personally meet with them to make sure they are viable options for our community.
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Save on the things that matter. Find discounts on your favorite platforms, tools, memberships, services, and more.

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